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    Hay Corral Tray (13" x 13" x 1.5") used to accompany a Hay Rack, notably our Hearty Acres Hay Buffet. This low-lip tray will fit in any decently-sized cage and can be lined with a Fleece Potty Pad or disposable bedding to help contain the hay strands and pottying while your guinea pig munches away -- which they will!

    Item #: HAY-CORRAL
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    Hearty Acres Corral for C&C Cages

    Add a contained food/hay station for your piggies!

    • Placed under Hay Buffet or Hay Barn, it keeps stray hay contained and as mess-free as a possible.
    • Can also be used as a litter area and filled with disposable bedding.
    • Can also be used with Potty Pad sold separately on our sister site, Guinea Pig Market.
    • Measures 13" x 13" x 1.5" and fastened with included snap-together plastic rivets.

    Hearty Acres Corral Includes

    • 1 Coroplast Corral (tray), cut and scored
    • 8 Plastic Rivets

    Rivets on the Flaps!

    • All of our Coroplast bases come with nice, clean holes -- professionally punched in the appropriate locations. We include our easy-snap-in plastic rivets for securing the base.
    • The rivets, while very secure when in place, can also be popped back open with a little separation pressure should you need to remove them for storage or moving and are generally reuseable.
    holes in coroplast flaps for rivets

    Select your Options!

    Coro Corral Color:
    • Cream
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Lime
    • Light Blue
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Purple
    • Royal Blue
    • Navy
    • Black
    • Silver/Gray
    • Translucent
    • White


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    5 star

    Perfect size for my guinea pigs. Came rite on time thru the mail.
    Thank you so very much.

    Raynham, MA


    Perfect in size, ease of removal for cleaning, sides low for entry and exit.

    New York

    #1 Product

    <p>I bought this Hay Coral and my Guinea pig has been munching away ever since. Great Product and Excellent Service!</p>

    New Yotk

    Great Quality


    I purchased this with the Hearty Acres Hay Buffet and it is just amazing.


    The Best

    The Hay Buffet is really the best. Very easy to fill with hay, the colors are great, and NO more hay on the floor or carpet. It's the best I think and it also holds a lot of hay.

    Southeast US

    Best hay rack option

    We're very pleased with this hay rack.
    1- My explorer guinea pig CANNOT climb into it like she can with wire racks and racks made from a crate grid. She has hurt herself doing that in the past, and has also almost fallen out of the cage doing that in the past. So this is a real safety item for us.
    2- Like any rack, it keeps the hay off the cage floor, so hay stays unsoiled.
    3- This rack is less likely to shed tons of hay, so we have less waste.
    4- Pigs can get up on two legs and pull hay from the top if they wish. But my smaller pig is just as adept at pulling hay out the bottom holes.
    5- My pigs haven't chewed on this rack so far.

    Boston, MA

    They chewed through!

    The hay buffet is better than what I used previously (small plastic litterbox on the floor of the cage), but my two pigs had a hard time getting to the hay through the cut-outs. Their solution was to chew through the coroplast a bit to combine two of the holes into one big hole. They can now access the hay more easily, though I still see them stand up on their hind legs to pull hay out the top sometimes, and the bigger hole now means they're making a mess again.

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