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    This large Cagetopia hay rack provides ample access to hay for your guinea pigs while keeping it contained and fresh. The generous openings allow your guinea pigs to "pig out" on and enjoy the most important food in their diet -- Timothy grass hay. This is our favorite hay rack for happy and healthy guinea pigs.

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    Large Hayrack for C&C Cages

    Important: The large hayrack fits our C&C cage grids and a Midwest cage, but if you're using it under a Midwest Mezzanine or half-height patio, this item is too tall and will not work.

    • Spacious, high-capacity powder coated Cagetopia Hay Rack made just for C&C Cages!
    • Keeps the hay off the floor but still easily accessible by your guinea pigs
    • NOTE: This hayrack height doesn't work as well with mid-grid height patios although it can be used with lofts, or if patios are used full-grid height. Alternatives for patio use is the Small Hayrack.

    Hayrack Includes

    • (1) 12" wide x 7" high and 4" deep POWDER COATED WHITE or BLACK hayrack

    All metal hay racks have some very small degree of risk of getting a tooth caught or a head or paw stuck. Hay racks must be designed to allow ample access to hay -- the most important part of a guinea pig's diet.

    Our hay racks are designed to safe for 99+% of the cavies and situations out there. However, accidents can happen.

    If you want complete safety and still want your guinea pigs to be able to access hay, please just put the hay on the ground. Even cloth hay bags have a specific hole size that could be wrong for a particular guinea pig. No one can guarantee complete safety from all circumstances.

    Hay on the ground is actually by far and away the BEST alternative! They love it! They love to run through it, eat it, lay in it, play in it! This allows you to provide LOTS and LOTS of hay!

    Another super safe and highly recommended alternative is to re-cycle a grocery bag or empty tissue box. This is a fantastic technique if you have hay allergies as well. Loosely roll down the top of a grocery bag to make a big cuff to keep the opening stiff when you lay the bag on it's big side in the cage. Cut a mouse hole in the side of one wall to provide an extra exit when you have multiple pigs. Stuff the bag with yummy grass hay. Lay it in the cage. It's a hidey and hay bin all in one. They'll munch on the paper. It's fine. When it gets yucky from being peed in, roll it up and toss it out. Put in a fresh one!

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    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:
    Madison, WI

    much bigger than I thought it would be


    Obviously the dimensions were available, but I didn't really look at them too much, this ended up being much bigger than I was planning. I know I probably could have returned it for the smaller one, but I'm actually using it to hold (on the outside of my cage) some cleaning supplies in. I picked up a smaller hay wheel at my local pet store, but I think I might pack this large one when I go on vacation in a few weeks. I have someone coming over to feed, water, etc, but was trying to think of ways to minimize the amount of work they will have to do. :)

    Reno, NV

    Originally bought it for my prairie dogs

    I had originally wanted it for my prairie dogs, but in the end it was too small for the cage. Luckily I had a rabbit that needed a hay rack too. Fits perfectly in his cage! Plan to buy two more for my doe's.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Doubles asa hiding spot!

    This hayrack is the perfect size for my two boys! It keeps the hay off of the fleece, which makes clean up MUCH easier. Bruno's new favorite spot is underneath the hayrack :p

    Cary, NC

    Great Hay Rack for my two Piggies!

    I have two adult female Guinea Pigs in a Large (2x4) C&C cage and this hay rack is a great size! I can fill it up and not need to refill it for a couple of days. While I give them plenty of fresh greens and carrots daily, and refill their water and pellets daily, it is nice to be able to not worry about the hay, plus, they know they always have plenty to munch on!

    Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

    Makes Clean-Up EASY!


    This hay rack, with or without a bistro (with= even more tidy), keeps hay in its place! Prevents hay from flying all over, ensures more of it is EATEN! I used to waste sooo much hay just because my piggies would toss it around and then pee/poop in it. Piggies DO use they hay also as a litter area, BUT... they pee/poop in the corners (of bistro) only. And they take the hay out of the rack only as they eat it, not just to fling it all over the place! lol

    The one thing is that the hooks are a bit loose for connecting to the grids. But you can use pliers and just tighten them up-- not a huge issue at all.

    This will save me SO much money on what now isn't wasted hay!! :D

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