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Hearty Hay Buffet & Corral

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Hearty Hay Buffet & Corral - HAY-BUF-COR
Hearty Hay Buffet & Corral - HAY-BUF-COR
Hearty Hay Buffet and Corral
Price: $21.98

    Coroplast Buffet Color

    Cream Yellow Orange Red
    Pink Lime Light Blue Green
    Brown Purple Royal Blue Navy
    Black Silver/Gray Translucent White
    Coroplast Corral Color

    Cream Yellow Orange Red
    Pink Lime Light Blue Green
    Brown Purple Royal Blue Navy
    Black Silver/Gray Translucent
    Clip Color
    Black Yellow
    Green Red

    Item #: HAY-BUF-COR
    Availability: In Stock
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    Hearty Hay Buffet and Corral for C&C Cages

    • Spacious, high-capacity Hay Bin is made from Coroplast in your choice of our Coroplast Colors. Includes Corral (tray) to keep stray hay contained.
    • Keeps the hay off the floor and as mess-free as a possible but still easily accessible by your guinea pigs
    • Three NEW! Heart-shaped openings for hay
    • Measures 12" wide x 10" high x 6" deep
    • NOTE: This hay bin height doesn't work as well with mid-grid height patios although it can be used if patios are used full-grid height. Alternatives for patio use are the Small Hayrack or Pig-Out Pouch Hay Bag (Pig-Out Pouch is available on our sister site, ordered separately)

    Heart Hay Buffet and Corral Includes

    • 1 12" x 10" x 6" Coroplast Hay Buffet, cut and scored
    • 1 13" x 13" x 1.5" Coroplast Corral (tray), cut and scored
    • 12 Plastic Rivets (4 for Hay Buffet, 8 for Corral)
    • 2 Binder Clips in your choice of 6 colors

    Latest Reviews

    Overall Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 2

    Reviewed On: 1/27/2017
    By: NinaJ, Pennsylvania

    Great product, Piggy approved

    <p>We have been using the hay buffet and corral for about month now and we love it. We fill the corral with carefreash and our piggy mainly does all her business there and most of the hay stays there as well. It would stay cleaner if she didn't insist on climbing into the hay buffet. She is still under a year old so I'm hoping once she is fully grown she won't be able to get in there any more lol I would definitely recommend this for any guinea Pig owner!</p>

    Reviewed On: 4/2/2016
    By: Catherine, Apex, NC

    Piggies couldn't be happier!

    I'm so pleased with the adorable heart hay rack and corral. The pigs love to get their hay from the rack and the corral definitely makes cleanup easier. I may get the kitchen instead of the corral so that whole area of the cage can be used with carefresh. It arrived very quickly and was so easy to put together - I would definitely order more from this site!