as of 5/30/20


YES, but only during on the dates and at the times noted on the site. And only until we hit our limit starting at the "opening bell". It can be minutes or hours. So, you need to be ready to order when we open.


GRIDS and CAGES are BACK IN STOCK!! Yippee! We have multiple months of pent-up demand from customers who've been patiently waiting. The store opening time will be extremely short for a number of days while we work through only taking as many orders as we can manage for while. Please follow the tips below for ordering.


We open the store for ordering at

  • 12pm (noon) Eastern time =
  • 11am Central time =
  • 10am Mountain time =
  • 9am Pacific time =
  • 6am Aleutian Time (Hawaii)

WATCH YOUR COMPUTER or phone CLOCK, not your wall clock as right now, seconds matter. Be refreshing your screen. Get your order going the second you see the yellow banner at the top of the page go away. We shoot for exactly at the top of the hour.

Because of pent up demand, we are needing to close the ordering window very quickly, lately within about 2-15 minutes OR LESS (and that varies day-to-day). Once we reach our daily order limit, the store will shut down for the day and reopen at the date specified in the notice at the top of the site. If you cannot get your order in, please try again at the noted date/time. IF YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ORDER or CHECKOUT when we cut off ordering, you will NOT be able to complete the order. Please see the tips below:


Right now, because of the pent-up demand:

  • Have your credit card ready. Be sure about your shipping address. Be ready to order as soon as the store opens and get your order in quickly.
  • Just getting items in your cart is not enough, you need to get all the way through checkout before we turn off ordering to get it through.
  • It's usually FASTER for you to use a computer rather than your phone to order.
  • It's FASTER to use a credit card rather than Paypal (if possible) to complete your order.
  • It's FASTER to REGISTER ahead of time and enter your billing and shipping address, phone number and your credit card if that is how you are going to pay (versus Paypal, which will be slower). Be LOGGED IN before you shop and put items in your cart.
  • CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE. If are waiting and refreshing at the top of the hour and it is still showing closed, try quickly clearing your cache. Some people have had that problem.
  • Have ALREADY READ these this page before you get to check out so you know what's what and can click through it:

Please note that our sister store Guinea Pig Market (fleece, cozies, bedding, toys and such) has similar circumstances but works on a different schedule.

Thank you greatly for your patience and understanding during this time. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and contact us. We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.