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Standard Flip-Fold Covers

Our cover kits are designed to keep other pets and inquisitive kids from getting to your guinea pigs. The tops are designed to be flexible on how you open them. Simply fold them open for easy access, laying the front row on the back row. OR fold the front row back, propping it open by resting the front row on the middle connector. OR fold it all the way back out of the way! They come with detailed instructions and color photos.

Standard Flip-Fold Covers
Jumbo Cover
Cover for 2x6 grid, single-level cage
Price: $60.99

Xl Cover Kit
Cover for 2x5 grid, single-level cage
Price: $52.99

Flip-Fold Cover: Large Standard
1 review(s)
Cover for 2x4 grid, single-level cage
Price: $44.99

Medium Cover Kit
Cover for 2x3.5 grid, single-level cage
Price: $38.99

Small Cover Kit
Cover for 2x3 grid, single-level cage
Price: $34.99

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