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Small Hayrack

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Hay rack
Price: $8.99


    This hay rack is only available in WHITE. It's a small, but simple and safe hay rack to help keep your hay off the floor but easily accessible by your guinea pigs.
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    • Keeps hay off the ground
    • Two welded hooks attach easily to grids on cage without using cable ties
    • Easily removable for cleaning and refilling

    Hayrack Includes

    • (1) 12" wide x 4" high and 4" deep vinyl-coated WHITE rack

    Latest Reviews

    Overall Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 6

    Reviewed On: 2/16/2014
    By: chris, United States

    its a good buy

    mine pigs love it a lot neater then the old hay rack

    Reviewed On: 1/27/2014
    By: Ros, Canada

    Perfect size and design

    I tried two pet store-bought hay racks before switching to this one. The store-bought ones were problematic - one made it impossible for the guineas to get the hay out and the other, a ball, worked well at dispensing hay but would often dump hay to the ground when I tried to top it up. This hay rack, however, is PERFECT - easy for the guineas to use, but also easy for me to install, move, and fill. Generous size, our guineas will be happy with it even when they are adults.

    Reviewed On: 7/15/2013
    By: Amy, NY

    Awsome for the piggies!

    I tried my own hayracks and containers but they all made a mess! This one is perfect and the pigs love it. It was worth the money!

    Reviewed On: 12/22/2012
    By: Morgan&Piggies, Northern Virginia


    What a wonderful addition! This keeps their home much more clean! A must have!!

    Reviewed On: 11/14/2012
    By: Jennifer, Reston, VA

    Excellent hay rack

    I've tried various ways of concocting my own hay rack and never liked the end result. This one is perfect. It's a good size for 1 or 2 pigs.

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