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Small Hayrack

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Small Hayrack - 800100
Small Hayrack - 800100
Small Hayrack - 800100
Small Hayrack - 800100
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    This hay rack is now available in white AND black! It's a newer design, but still simple and safe hay rack to help keep your hay off the floor but easily accessible by your guinea pigs.
    Item #: 800100
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    • Keeps hay off the ground
    • Two welded hooks attach easily to grids on cage without using cable ties
    • Easily removable for cleaning and refilling

    Hayrack Includes

    • (1) 11" wide x 5" high and 3" deep Powder-coated hayrack in black or white

    All metal hay racks have some very small degree of risk of getting a tooth caught or a head or paw stuck. Hay racks must be designed to allow ample access to hay -- the most important part of a guinea pig's diet.

    Our hay racks are designed to safe for 99+% of the cavies and situations out there. However, accidents can happen.

    If you want complete safety and still want your guinea pigs to be able to access hay, please just put the hay on the ground. Even cloth hay bags have a specific hole size that could be wrong for a particular guinea pig. No one can guarantee complete safety from all circumstances.

    Hay on the ground is actually by far and away the BEST alternative! They love it! They love to run through it, eat it, lay in it, play in it! This allows you to provide LOTS and LOTS of hay!

    Another super safe and highly recommended alternative is to re-cycle a grocery bag. This is a fantastic technique if you have hay allergies as well. Loosely roll down the top of a grocery bag to make a big cuff to keep the opening stiff when you lay the bag on it's big side in the cage. Cut a mouse hole in the side of one wall to provide an extra exit when you have multiple pigs. Stuff the bag with yummy grass hay. Lay it in the cage. It's a hidey and hay bin all in one. They'll munch on the paper. It's fine. When it gets yucky from being peed in, roll it up and toss it out. Put in a fresh one!

    Latest Reviews

    Overall Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 8

    Reviewed On: 7/19/2015
    By: Kaylee,

    Great Hay Rack

    This hay rack is great, I can put enough hay in it to last my two piggies all day. This fits on the side of the 2x1 loft (on the 1 grid side). My piggies for some reason like to crawl underneath. I put it one square above the chloroplast because they are small still. They can even reach over and grab hay if they wanted to. Gave 5 stars for both product and service, would recommend!

    Reviewed On: 10/5/2014
    By: Elizabeth, Boston

    Love the size and height

    The best hay rack I've found, by far. Most of the hay racks sold in pet stores are very high and narrow. This rack is the perfect size to supply a good amount of hay for 1-2 pigs, and it's low enough that they can reach over the top easily.

    Reviewed On: 2/16/2014
    By: chris, United States

    its a good buy

    mine pigs love it a lot neater then the old hay rack

    Reviewed On: 1/27/2014
    By: Ros, Canada

    Perfect size and design

    I tried two pet store-bought hay racks before switching to this one. The store-bought ones were problematic - one made it impossible for the guineas to get the hay out and the other, a ball, worked well at dispensing hay but would often dump hay to the ground when I tried to top it up. This hay rack, however, is PERFECT - easy for the guineas to use, but also easy for me to install, move, and fill. Generous size, our guineas will be happy with it even when they are adults.

    Reviewed On: 7/15/2013
    By: Amy, NY

    Awsome for the piggies!

    I tried my own hayracks and containers but they all made a mess! This one is perfect and the pigs love it. It was worth the money!

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