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14 Inch Grid

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grids / cubes
grids / cubes
14 Inch Grid - 600100
14 Inch Grid - 600100
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    Safe,  Metal Grid

    • 14" x 14" Black or White epoxy-coated grid
    • 9 squares down and 9 squares across
    • 81 total squares within each 14 inch grid
    • Openings are 1 3/8" which are safe for adult guinea pigs

    Baby Guinea Pig Warning

    New baby guinea pigs can pass right through these grid openings. You MUST baby proof your cage if you have babies or young adult guinea pigs. Small guinea pigs (roughly under 6 months of age) should be protected from being exposed to the grids.

    How to Baby Proof

    • Either make your Coroplast walls temporarily higher (9 inches is recommended) (you can use cardboard or spare Coroplast), OR
    • Double up the grids, reducing the inner holes by 1/2.
    • Do NOT use internal grids as hayracks when you have babies or small young adults.

    The good news is that baby guinea pigs grow amazingly fast. Most will be beyond the need for baby proofing within a few months. You need to use your judgement and be conservative.

    What if they chew on the grids?

    There are two possible health risks if a guinea pig chews incessantly on the grids.

    • Ingestion of the coating
      There has *never* been any reports of any guinea pig being harmed or becoming sick from chewing on the grids.

    • Breaking a tooth
      There is a very very remote possibility that a guinea pig might break a tooth by violently chewing on a grid. If this happens, it isn't life threatening. See a vet, but guinea pig's teeth grow back amazingly quickly! This usually only happens if there are males living in a divided cage next to females. In this case, it's best go with our "Wall of Silence" cage divider.


    • (1) 14" x 14" Black or White epoxy-coated grid

    Latest Reviews

    Overall Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 1

    Reviewed On: 3/22/2013
    By: Oceana , Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

    Super sturdy and great looking!

    These grids are VERY very sturdy. They hold themselves up nicely and look very professional. The white makes it look nice.

    It would be nice if the coating was a bit thicker maybe or firmer... but that is a VERY minor comment... maybe that could be offered as a "luxury grid" option in the future (heh). That being said, my piggies don't chew at the bars too terribly much.

    I LOVE the spacing!!!!! Sooooo many grids are WAY too small! :( These grids offer excellent amazing ventilation!! SO key in piggy health and happiness!!

    Also, I had babies and yep, they can squeeze through. LOL But this is mentioned in the description which I think is fantastic of the store owners to have mentioned! And yep, just using some extra coroplast or doubling up grids til they grow worked great! ;) And yes... they do grow too fast so you won't need to baby proof for long. :( Ahh, at least piggies are cute even once grown up! ;)

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