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Rivet Pack

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Set of Plastic Rivets
Set of Plastic Rivets
Rivet view of 3
Rivet view of 2 together
Side view of rivet on black
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    Plastic Rivets Secures Coroplast

    When you snap these plastic rivets together, they make a super strong connection. They work like cable or zip ties. When you tighten a zip tie, it is highly secure. It's the same with the rivets.

    • Just snap them together -- easy!
    • Super strong connection. You cannot pull it apart!

    How to use them?

    • No tools are required, just snap one into the other.
    • Pre-punch a hole in the two sections of Coroplast that you want to connect.

    Rivet Pack Includes

    • (16) Plastic natural-colored Ratcheting Rivets to secure sides of cubbies

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